Remodeling Basement Kitchens


Remodeling Basement Kitchens

To perform basement kitchen remodeling, there are several steps that you should take in order to get it established. First you can draft out the remodeling plan by browsing through magazines and books to get a rough idea of what you want. Make a sketch of the layout, arranging all the items you intend to place in your kitchen. You can use a graph paper for more accurate scale. Decide on the triangular pattern of sink, stove and refrigerator. Decide on the flooring, wall, paint colors, to cabinets and lighting.

To remodel basement kitchen you need not actually replace all your old items as you have options to either upgrade or recycle them. For instance, you can refinish your existing cabinets using new paints or stain, change the handles and drawer pulls to make them appear as brand new ones. If cooking has not been convenient, you can make alterations on adding a new stove or cooker hood and integrate a new faucet to make the washing process much easier.

Like other typical kitchens, basement kitchen remodeling can be done by giving focus on the color. In fact, color can have huge impact to make it look entirely different. You can add several coats of high glossy paints to old cabinets, accentuated by some dark hardware linings. Give a cooling comfortable shade for your kitchen walls such as lime green to give a soothing atmosphere. To have some contrasting effects to prevent your kitchen from being too dull, you can make an attempt of painting the chairs and table colors in the range of navy blue to counteract the lime green.

Finally you can add new amenities or integrate modern ornaments into your new kitchen. It is not too difficult to remodel basement kitchen if you have a rough idea of the specializations you want to have. But due to the basement location, do not ever install the sliding glass doors as opening your kitchen to the yard area is certainly an erroneous idea. Besides, try incorporating a fire extinguisher or extra smoke detector as a safety precaution step in the house.



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