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bedroom ideas
by dziner

Bedroom scenes | Bedroom ideas

Folding room dividers can be unique accessories which can be set up in many ways to improve your Asian style bedroom. Room dividers are made in various shapes and with different scenes so there is sure to be one to fit your unique style. If you have a traditional look, then a richly colored black, gold and mother of pearl divider might look great, if your look is more peaceful then a rice paper divider with a simple watercolor of a flower branch or bamboo might be best.

A room divider looks interesting no matter how you use it. They are definitely decorative, but can often also be useful to. If one has a larger bedroom then you might section it into two separate areas such as a changing area and sleeping area. Folding room dividers that will add beautiful ambiance to both areas, as most of the room dividers are fully decorated on both sides. Even if you don’t want to use a room divider to section off a room, you could still take advantage of these distinct appealing additions to your decor.

If you wish to really improve in your Asian style bedroom just put the room divider flat against the wall. This is a good idea if you have an apartment and cannot paint the color of the walls but are looking for a color that is a bit bolder than basic white. It is also interesting if you have a compact space that doesn’t call for dividing up. Of course, you should be certain the divider is bolted to the wall so it doesn’t just wobble over.

One decorative touch that adds interest in any bedroom is to put the folding room divider folded at an angle in the corner. This is a favorite way to utilize folding room dividers since it gives style to the room. You need to fold it a bit so it’s angled and stands up on its own. The ideal thing about this application, is that you can actually use the area in back of the folding divider in the corner for storing extra items such as off season clothing.

Room dividers look perfect with other furniture put right in front of them. Adding a potted palm or a couple of Asian style chairs in front of your folding screen can add to your interior decorating scheme. You might even use it behind the head of the bed as a unique headboard – in fact, there is a round room divider which is highly unusual and beautiful and would make a perfect headboard used in this fashion!

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