Bedroom Design in Hotels | Bedroom ideas


Bedroom Design in Hotels | Bedroom ideas

The textured ceiling is often avoided by many people because they think it is too expensive or unmanageable. However, textured ceilings are easy to install and one of the advantages of having a textured ceiling is that it helps to hide the cracks and holes in the ceiling. Also, installing a suspended ceiling is a good idea to conceal the leakages and cracks in the ceiling.The material required for textured ceiling is easily available. Textured ceiling is one of the better ideas of modern home improvements. Innovative ideas and use of different shapes and sizes is a great way to decorate a ceiling.

Textured Ceiling Designs
Various designs can be used to decorate your ceiling and create a three dimensional look through the textured ceiling. Some of the textured ceiling designs are as follows.

Roller Sheetrock Design: Sheetrock is a type of mud used to give a texture to your ceiling. The Sheetrock mud is mixed with some water to the consistency of a milkshake. This mud is applied to the ceiling with the help of roller handles. In this textured ceiling design, you can be innovative while applying strokes using the roller.
Knockdown Sheetrock Design: In knockdown design, Sheetrock mud is used same as in roller Sheetrock design but the consistency of the mud is thinner in this design as compared to the earlier design. In this textured ceiling design, instead of a roller, a crow’s foot stomp brush is used to apply the mud on the ceiling.
Wooden Design: The wooden furniture in your living room is well complemented with wooden beams on the ceiling. Wooden beams are easy to install and give a classy look to the room.
Combed Look: The Sheetrock mud is applied to the ceiling with a trowel having triangular teeth to give it a combed look. These combed designs are usually made near the area where light fixtures are fitted. The ceiling is combed in concentric circles to have a spiral pattern near the light fixtures, giving it an aesthetic visual effect.
Trowel-on design: The texturing material is applied, using a standard trowel to give it a plaster like look. This plaster-like look varies as per the consistency of the texturing material.

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