Bathroom Remodeling Essentials


Bathroom Remodeling Essentials

One place in our homes that we want to be visually appealing is our bathroom.  Be it your master bathroom or a guest/hall bathroom, esthetics are important.  Perhaps you have been looking at your current bathroom, and thinking to yourself: this is not what I want; I deserve so much more than this.  Well if that’s the case, it is time to consider remodeling one or several of the bathrooms in your home.

Each morning, we wake up and go about our daily routine.  Some of us are morning people, and the rest of us are not.  If you are a morning person, then you want to spend the first part of your day in comfortable and functional space.  If you are not a morning person, then the last thing you want is to roll out of bed and into a space that makes regret not hitting the snooze button again.

Bathrooms should first and foremost be a place that we pamper ourselves and spend the necessary time getting ready for the day ahead.  Therefore, the space should reflect our habits, tastes, and desires.  Functionality is essential to a space that we use on a daily basis and that we potentially share with other people.

So, in order to turn your drab, boring, dysfunctional, or small bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams, a remodel is absolutely necessary.

 Most of us cannot remodel a bathroom ourselves, so we would certainly need to hire a professional contractor to aid us in our bathroom transformation.  But, before we even call around to professionals, there are a few things that we should first consider.

 As stated previously, a bathroom should not only be gorgeous, but functional as well.  Here are some key design and functionality elements to consider when planning your bathroom remodel:

Size & Layout: is your current bathroom too small or laid out in a manner that doesn’t provide you with the space or components that you need to use it properly?  Perhaps considering an expansion or a change in layout would drastically change how appealing and useful your bathroom is.
Design: if your bathroom is outdated or just in need of a more modern design plan, here are some items to consider:
Paint Palette: what color scheme to you want to employ in your bathroom?  What mood do you want to experience when using the space?
Fixtures: what time of lighting/faucets/knobs/towel bars/etc. do you want to incorporate into the design?
Flooring: do you want tile or another type of flooring?  What style/color/design?
Utilities: Do want a shower and a soaking tub, only a shower, a jacuzzi, or a combination unit?  How about a pedestal sink or an under-mount?
Storage: will you have a vanity with lots of storage (i.e. cabinets/drawers) or will you go with a more minimal look and feel?
Mirrors: size, style, quantity?

All of these design elements are things that you should consider and have some idea about when planning a bathroom remodel.  Then you can contact your local professional, provide them with your ideas and plans, see what they have to say, and then work together to create a masterpiece.


Travis Parrish is the owner of Distinctive Designs, Inc. in Greensboro, NC, a full-service cabinetry design firm that specializes custom cabinetry as well as kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

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